Your support towards survivors of sex trafficking in India – UPDATE

Attached is the presentation that shows on how the money you donated was used by our different partners in India to give physical care and protection to the survivors.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.


The Journey – Part 1

After being about 2 months into my seva journey, I should say, I am so grateful to experience all the support and kindness from everyone around. I am remained the line:

“It is in the shelter of each other that people live.” Irish Proverb

I am constantly feeling and experiencing those words.Help comes from very mysterious places.How, given an opportunity, we guard each other from pain and suffering.Now I understand the mystery and magic of this life force.

There are also those days I get completely bogged down when I have no clue as how to reach out for support and in the face of rejections.In those moments my mind would scream silently “what were you thinking…” and when I cannot answer questions like ” Do YOU think it will change?”,”Do you think, YOU can change something about this ?”, I do get tangled with self-doubts.The only way to untangle myself is by deriving strength from those who are really making a difference in the field, who fight/endure the menace of human trafficking day in and day out.If they can believe and act, I have no reason not to act.

“Inaction is not an action” – Bhagavad Gita ,Stephen Mitchell

The resilience of the victims after experiencing a dreadful phase in their life, their smile with hope and courage brings me down to my knees.

When I saw the below video for the first time, I bawled.Something about Anuradha Koirala is so very enchanting and exuberant.She is simple, authentic and fearless.I am truly humbled to live in times of such a Goddess on earth.Her message is simple:

Please close your eyes and take every child as your own daughter, soon you will feel their sorrow.

Every drop of tear gives the strength and prepares me to take the next step forward in my seva journey.The strength from the tears can take rejections and cynical questions.It’s simply not about me, it’s about protecting our daughters and I am participating to support the journey toward freedom.I hope you will join me.

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Why do I care

I like stories, I love stories about women that portrays their resilience, hope, courage and integrity.I grew up in a society where women to the most part are not treated equally, more seen as a liability.I have witnessed different scales of gender-bias in almost all the levels of the society.Strongly suspect if there could be a better future or solutions to global issues by without engaging women and by without tapping into their innate skills.

Time to see women as a solution and not as a problem says the success stories of microfinance.Sheryl WuDunn, in her book Half the Sky, tells riveting stories about women who changed oppression into opportunity and how the little help can cause the transformation.

As WuDunn says, I have won the lottery in life and I do have the insatiable need to be happy and so I am participating in something that is larger than me.Do you feel the same ?…join with me, you can participate to end the misery and let us be happy by empowering women in need.

Sunitha Krishnan

It’s difficult to not to talk about Sunitha Krishnan if we have to discuss the efforts that are currently going on to support the trafficked victims in India.She is the founder of the NGO “Prajwala” that rehabilitates, empowers the victims and provides education to their children.

She gave this TED talk  in 2009 and the author of this article in Shambala SunSpace says that her TED speech elicited “Unbearable Compassion” and I love that idea.Show your compassion and give light in the life of the victims and their children.

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